• Organizing awareness programs/seminars/workshops among the people in the field of Cancer, AIDS, Pandemic, Leprosy, Abuse of drugs, alcohol, crime against women and children and family planning.
  • Organising programs to sensitize masses about Global warming, protection of environment and greenhouses effects and how to efficiently utilize non-conventional sources of energy such as Solar energy, biogas etc.
  • To organise conferences, seminars, symposiums etc. in India and Abroad for promotion and dissemination of information about Urdu, Hindi and other languages spoken in the country.


  • To help & support State Waqf Boards, CWC, NAWADCO and Mullawallis for the development of waqf properties across India in order to protect these invaluable assets and augment their income as they are important heritage of muslim community & the nation.
  • To help, support and coordinate with Haj Committee of India and Ministry of Minority Affairs in order to find ways & means to make Haj Pilgrimage affordable & comfortable.
  • To establish and run language centres for the promotion of various Indian and Foreign languages.